Pocket Watchers : Carnival , Coke & More


now that the vaccines are on roll out in millions . soon the travel industry will open back up. this in people will be soon be off on holiday and nothing can replace a cruise , out of the three horseman of the cruise industry carnival is by far the cheapest and has the most cash and a advanced fleet , not mention that it pays dividends and a capital growth as it climbs back to its 52 week high


out of the two global leaders in beverages coke and pepsi. coke has missed the opportunity to host partner with the olympics . the stock has now returned to its 52 weeks high before the sell of and its dividends has now changed


we’ve seen the trend time and time again whether its amazon or food deliver services like Uber , the trend is that every thing is moving digital and brick and morter stores are slowly fading away . we seeing right now macys and forever 21 going bankrupt and fast foods rushing to produce a online delivery system or join forces worth uber to boost conversion . this trend is now reached clothing and farfetch is a high end digital shopping mall from the designer brands . stock x has been overtook by a private company known. as stock x which is a secondary market from highly demand goods . the stock is still undervalued for its potential

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