Sell now buy later

The buy now pay later Afterpay is set to report its end of year earnings results before opening bell on Monday morning 

Afterpay was first out the gate with the buy now pay later and have quickly become a household name for shoppers offering convenient payment gateway Allowing customers to not may substantial money upfront , you instead pay in 4 fortnightly interest free payment , likewise helping merchants convert more sales , all was slow and until the pandemic hit in early march forcing retailers to close its doors amid lockdown restrictions  , this concerns led the stock to plummet from $40 to $8.90 , however as retail plummeted ecommerce surged as well as after pays stock recently surpassing $100 , and reporting earnings of 11.2 billion up 112% from the year prior as well as gaining 72% more merchants 

All growth stopped PayPal announced that’s lts  now entering the buy now pay later space offering competitive prices and offering better commissions for the merchants . Paypal currently 346 million active PayPal accounts worldwide growing 21 percent year on year they have the leverage and money block off afterpay as a competitor. 

It will be interesting to see the future of this stock performance in 2021 when more companies such as amazon and other retail giants start developing their own buy now software . 

Visa and mastercard soon can start implementing their own buy now pay later software as well as offer competitive interest rates for current credit cards holders. 

if they don’t figure out a way to get more customers and compete with PayPal and hope no other retailers start Their own