GBP independent dominance

ever since the departure from the europeion union the pair took a dive not to mention it coming at a time of the pandemic it has since recovered and established its place among the other economies

USD/CAD beginning to recover

Usd has been slipping since start of the pandemic before the influx of bailouts and stimulus checks however unlike the USD the Canadian dollar has been failing to recover , not until recently the patterns indicate a recovery as we saw with the Japanese yen as it beginning to recover , next target is 1.3 as from their it will be safe to say the sell of has stopped

NZD/USD recovering fast

the USD has has recovered since the begging of the 2020 the huge recovery of the economy and stock amet helps the us Dollar tp climb back to the all time high , in the 4 hour charts it dropped from its all time high. in the 5 minute charts it shows that iy it has touched it regression line and is going to sell off to reset the pattern

Resurgence of aud/jpy

In the daily charts it shows a downtrend since the same period a year ago

Conversely since the start of 2020 jpy is beginning rise returning towards 107

it has hit a regression line

looking to reset . sell off in the 5 minute charts

Euro/Usd : Back to where it started

For the last 2 years Euro/Usd has been sinking however since the pandemic the euro has overtaken the USD by a significant margin hit has akmost reached its two year average on the yearly charts , however since recently the currency has slowed its rapid acceleration and in the last 2 weeks it’s began selling off

however in the 30 min charts its showing that its a reset of the pattern as it has hit the positive trend line

Euro/Aud uptrend projections

in the 4 hour charts it shows that the Australian dollar got a surge after a skew of sell offs , looking at the 1 day charts it shows the surge could be looking to reset after the huge price gain . this could signal a huge push in the trend directions