what’s next for under the armour

under armour reports its first quarter earrings after a disappointing fourth quarter with earnings being down all divisors having suffered a loss. The first shows signs of resurgence as the company reported revenue spike of 35% increase compared to the year prior. This is not a complete good news as same period last year the company among the other sports retailers we forced to shut down their stores due the pandemic.

Under armours net income grew by to 77.8 million compared to the loss of nearly a year a year ago as well as sales growing to 1.2 billion from the 987 million .

What now for under armour ?

as long as Stephen curry remain in the under armour team their shoe category will remain their second leading and even have the potential to overtake their apparel line with brands like gym shark and nike begging to capitalise on the marketshare after the capitalising on the pandemic with online sales.

Under armour also had sold its industry leading nutrition app . For a very cheap price considering it was a industry leader in tracking calories the could have very easily have made something with it

The current direction is unclear as they have built no presence in a particular sector and the have made attempts in entering the leisure wear and the not building towards a health based platform

it seems the brand is relying heavily on celebrity endorsements rather than innovating .

It has also beginning to lose market share to Lulu lemon and Adidas it has made attempts in liquidating their inventory as they struggle to rid of dated merchandise. Their current model seems to be sell and discount what docent sell,

Their most appealing market seems to be The Asia pacific region with earnings showing a 119.7% increase from the year earlier . Could it the they appeal to the, due to their cheap price compared to their competitors