Virgin galactic gets a big discount

You would think after a successful operation the stock will skyrocket however the stock still has yet to rebound after the successful space launch with Brunson at the wheel in the cockpit

Beam down 7.83%

This has caught the attention of everybody for the past week as it has been the most volatile and has gained about the most attention on out rader not only has beam but other companies in the same field as the one its in what could have caused this sudden change in the industry’s

theres still space for more, don’t miss out

On just a matter of two weeks we have announcements of two space launches setting the tone and giving a glimpse of a future of space exploration not only that in order to validate the certainty the founders of the two companies will be in the drivers seat of two very different approaches of space travel, Richard brandonson the founder of virgin galactic has already proved that his airline + rocket propelled aircraft is ready demonstrating a safe landing and takeoff now the pressure is at the hands of Jeff be in who has to now make sure his achieved the same success as if failed he will be in the spaceship do you bet this is going good to validate his run 

what’s INMODE designs

Got listed in the stock exchange designs, develops, manufactures, and markets minimally-invasive aesthetic medical products based on its proprietary radiofrequency assisted lipolysis and deep subdermal fractional radiofrequency technologies. The company offers minimally-invasive aesthetic medical products for various procedures, such as liposuction with simultaneous skin tightening, body and face contouring, and ablative skin rejuvenation treatments. It also designs, develops, manufactures, and markets non-invasive mediCal aestical products that target an array of procedures 

Let it grow: farfetch is a great long term hold

Nothings greater than putting aside some money and letting it grow while you sleep and work and not having to worry about losing it all. Farfetch Is an example of a new industries that is destined to be the future of fashion as the brick and mortar retail malls being to crumble post pandemic with companies such as Amazon constrainly innovating and digiting the logistics and ecommerce industry 

to infinity and beyond

Their successful launch to space was successful and with the Richard Brandson the one being on board it further validated the trust of the people who were initially special of the safety of space travel