out of stock : adobe , zoom , Ralph Lauren


adobe for years has been leaders in computer applications and competing with Apple and has developed a loyal fanbase and a offers a variety of application for all professions they have yet to make another big leap in the space , the stock price has dipped since the since the Covid highs , the market cap is still 228 billion . we should wait to see where the stock ends up


with everything now opening up after the anonummemnt off the covid vaccines it howler foes not mean people will forget about zoom it is what Skype should’ve been , however the stock price is still not justified

Ralph Lauren

from kanye west to now a global sensation it seems we are now seeing less of the famous logo on pogo shorts as fashion has evolved . the clothing giant has lost the initial hype it once has . the company is similar to what’s happening to Victoria secret , once big but now is fading away in the fashion scene. LVMH has been buying out companies for the last few months like Tiffany and ace of spades from jay z . could it revive the horse ?

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