Let it grow: farfetch is a great long term hold

Nothings greater than putting aside some money and letting it grow while you sleep and work and not having to worry about losing it all. Farfetch Is an example of a new industries that is destined to be the future of fashion as the brick and mortar retail malls being to crumble post pandemic with companies such as Amazon constrainly innovating and digiting the logistics and ecommerce industry 

to infinity and beyond

Their successful launch to space was successful and with the Richard Brandson the one being on board it further validated the trust of the people who were initially special of the safety of space travel

losing streaks

It must be from their upcomming earnings report and is losing its marketsahre it has not repoorted a profit since it went public back in 2017, the downfall was apparent as

Stocks to add to watch list

Beyond Meat

This stock is has been the most volatile in the last couple of Years going up 200 year to date

Live nation

The global leader in live events who is about to open up with the announcement of vaccine rollout and the opening of live events and the leader being Ticketmaster owned by live nation

Stock that are worth their price

Good stock come at a price while offering stability and security when holding a positions as companies have good liquids band marketshare. They are also more volatile and offer greater return in the future Here are some stocks that do just that

Air bnb

Imagine in there future where travel agents go through air bnb and own real estate


Beginning of the future , right now is a better time than any ti not only invest in crypto buy and buy the marketplace , this stock has potentially reach $500

GBP independent dominance

ever since the departure from the europeion union the pair took a dive not to mention it coming at a time of the pandemic it has since recovered and established its place among the other economies

Zoom is out of stock – Zoom out

Since the pandemic started this stock zoomed to the top. For a year straight it has remained at the top and the video commicatino of choice for cooperations, schools and individuals interacting in a still recovering world. This morning the stock rose 3.1% pushing their price to $400 however the comma just broke 1 billion in revenue last quarter and this is at the peak of popularity, what will it be like when the world reopens and companies like apple tremendously improving their facetine bad making it available for Android users for the first time ever in attempts to catpture the video conference market share.

Starter Pack: Pepsi and Apple

It’s good to be able to invest in the markets without constant having to worry of losing your hard earned dollars investing in a mediocre company. It good to investing companies with a good track record and stability moving forward companies that will be here fort generations and are future proof


since for years has made their stock price relatively affordable as with the recent rally’s pushing thrift stock prices causing them to split which is generous for the 2 trillion company unlike Amazon and mircroft. The cream on top is the juicy quarterly dividends

John Deere

It’s good to diversify your portfolio, there no stock better than John Deere in a farming manufacturer making strides to house Ig artillery as well as constinousely improving their technology to an autonomous future for farmers and households without lawn owing technology