Stock On Sale : Fiverr , Peloton & More


now that linkden has entered the free lance market it will be interesting to see how fiverr can complete and whether its stock can keep growing the way it did during the pandemic growing 200% and now it has dropped 25% since the pandemic . the good news is that the company is now at cash flow positive and the market cap is still around the pandemic.


During the pandemic gyms were closed not enabaling people to stay fit thorughou the pandemic apple recently realeasing fitness plus subcription service to wor toegether with their apple watch . peloton during the start of the pandemic rose 750% . now that the pandemic seems to be calming down and gyms are opening up it will be interesting to see how the company grows and esxpanded its prodcut range and maybe start reduing the price

Beyond meat

the plant based meat company has now reset of $150 now is the perfect time to buy this stock because this is the most volatile stock and still its early stages as kfc and soon others fast6 food changes cater to the vegan customers

Restock : fiverr , royal Caribbean & more

Fiverr , upwork

both freelance companies were in the red companies today certainly no cause for concern right it was annouced by tech rader today that linkden owned by microsoft have now created a marketplace suited for free lancers connect with more companies as linkden had now created a business eco sytem with more than 700 million professionals

it strange that linkden did not already get into the freelancers market , fiverr only recently has got into cash flow positive last year , however investors must not panic as we must first see if freelancers or users of fiverr in the next earnings for both fiverr and Microsoft

Royal Caribbean, Carnival

royal Caribbean stock plunged as it missed it earnings report as expected with still suspended travel due to the covid the company lost 2.37 billion the company has heavily attempted to cut its monthly cash burn

Carnivals stock rose more than 5% after royal carbeans missed earnings


docusign was the poster child of the stock market in 2020 jumpinf from a 60 to 260 in a mater of months hover now that the government has been orderign 100 and millions of covid vaciness it could signal a down fall to its popularity and instead be looked at as a relic. its no secret the stock has been over valued as even through peak populatiry the conpmany earned less than what zoom and other bought in at around 900 million . howver it is not over for the company as it still has the potential to climb back up just not yet.

Up Next : Airbnb , Salesforce & More

Air BnB

we will finally get to see the financial insight of the stock markets late bloomer , having finally having its IPO and immediately becoming the most traded stocks and quickly gaining a market cap of 120 Billion and is a industry leader in less then a decade , however with Covid having taken over the travel industry by storm it will be interesting to see how much the company lost during the pandemic.

Sales Force

with its recent aqusiton of slack platform to further develop its business eco system and take market share away from microsoft it will be interesting to see what the earnings show and if the aquistion of slack only puches the company further improves the company and its stock price

The Home Depot

During a time where retail stores began getting wipped out the hhome sepo stock only got sttonger through out 2020 growing 100% in value in its recentn earning its recnt q3 earnigns it reported sales increase of 23.3% from the third quarter if 2019. howver since the intial spike in the it has began to sell off we estimate a sales increase of 10%


after its record revenue of $4.75 billion from its q3 earnings and the hyped gt80 gaming cards selling for near double in the secondary market

we wait to see what the earnings report shows as during the quarter NVIDIA has now began to sell its own pcs and laptops as well as developing new genration of autmoated tedch for autoamted driving for NIO


Square was one of the first companies to start buying into Bitcoin, square has completely sky rocketed in 2020 , it has added a stock brokerage platform into its cash app platform which could rival Robinhood , square has the potiential to be the next $1000 stock.

Add to Cart? : Apple , Caterpillar


2020 was undoubtably the year video games and no other company fully embraced it then activision , 2020 was a record year for the Call of Duty franchise, in which premium and free-to-play experiences across platforms sustained more than 100 million monthly active players and drove franchise net bookings to approximately double the year ago level

the fourth quarter the sales rose 25% bringing in $8.9 Billion compared to the $6.5 billion the same period 2019 as well as success in ites other franchises world of warcraft and candy crush

with its sucess in recent games modes such as call of duty warzone as well as resurgance of the call of duty frencahisce as a whole , this unpresdented popularity has translated over to its earnings .

2020 was a record year for the Call of Duty franchise, in which premium and free-to-play experiences across platforms sustained more than 100 million monthly active players and drove franchise net bookings to approximately double the year ago level


Apple has not said a word about any new products to realese yet consumers and inverstor remain speculating on the company announcements for the 2021 year the company reports record year in revenue of 114 bllion and it has yet to realease its , with rumours of the apple car and refresh of the iMacs as the companies continues its transition from intel to ther own M1 chips .

as well as new product launches and apple is no stranger to indsutry leading trending as reports of the new iphone not having the a charging port instead the company is set to bring back its long loved mag safe to the iphones. this move was seen to be year in the making for apple into a portless future begining with the controveral descion to remove the beloves headphone jack . this move to remove the chraging port is for the sake of privacy to prevent the phone from external devices extracting data from the phone , as well as potientially making the phone thinner howver concerns for cahrging times may vary .


Catapillar is the indsutry leader im construstioin machinary and a market cap to support , in the recent earign report it hsperd th The sales decline reflected lower end-user demand and dealers reducing their inventories by $2.9 billion in 2020. Operating profit margin was 10.9% for 2020, compared with 15.4% for 2019. Full-year profit was $5.46 per share in 2020, compared with profit of $10.74 per share in 2019. Adjusted profit per share in 2020 was $6.56, compared with adjusted profit per share of $11.40 in 2019.

The construction industry has recently seen a transition towards autonomies machinery after decades of routine and analog way of work this move can save the construction industry and continue work even if there were another pandemic and do jobs remotely rather than crowding the construction site . catapillar has the cash to buy out these small autonomies tech companies and follow suite in the new wave of construction

Sell now buy later

The buy now pay later Afterpay is set to report its end of year earnings results before opening bell on Monday morning 

Afterpay was first out the gate with the buy now pay later and have quickly become a household name for shoppers offering convenient payment gateway Allowing customers to not may substantial money upfront , you instead pay in 4 fortnightly interest free payment , likewise helping merchants convert more sales , all was slow and until the pandemic hit in early march forcing retailers to close its doors amid lockdown restrictions  , this concerns led the stock to plummet from $40 to $8.90 , however as retail plummeted ecommerce surged as well as after pays stock recently surpassing $100 , and reporting earnings of 11.2 billion up 112% from the year prior as well as gaining 72% more merchants 

All growth stopped PayPal announced that’s lts  now entering the buy now pay later space offering competitive prices and offering better commissions for the merchants . Paypal currently 346 million active PayPal accounts worldwide growing 21 percent year on year they have the leverage and money block off afterpay as a competitor. 

It will be interesting to see the future of this stock performance in 2021 when more companies such as amazon and other retail giants start developing their own buy now software . 

Visa and mastercard soon can start implementing their own buy now pay later software as well as offer competitive interest rates for current credit cards holders. 

if they don’t figure out a way to get more customers and compete with PayPal and hope no other retailers start Their own