Pocket Watchers: Get more returns for less with Zynga and WWE


The wwe for the past view months after the pandemic has has seen rampant success as it begins to rebuild from the pandemic and begins to rebuild from the pandemic even from its live events having been shut down it has still found out a way to rebuild through its membership services as well as its merch sales it will be interesting to see if the company gets bought out by another corporation such as amazon and google as latest trends to show them acquiring companies as most recently lions-gate was purchases by amazon and gaming company was bought by
the stock broke from its all time high bull run in the begging of 2020 and since then due the pandemic it went to a all time low however it has consistently began to rebuilt and there is no doubt it will reach back to its previous all time high as they begin to list tour dates for their live events


Zynga is is a software company who the past years has exceeded expectations in the growing app development space closing in the there net income has not recovered fully due the pandemic however since then it has continuously to grow year on year in the 52 week chart it has grown 83% it has potential to reach 20 dollar by the end of the year it will be interesting to see what they report in their earning report. as it could finally break though into profitability since 2019.