Restock : fiverr , royal Caribbean & more

Fiverr , upwork

both freelance companies were in the red companies today certainly no cause for concern right it was annouced by tech rader today that linkden owned by microsoft have now created a marketplace suited for free lancers connect with more companies as linkden had now created a business eco sytem with more than 700 million professionals

it strange that linkden did not already get into the freelancers market , fiverr only recently has got into cash flow positive last year , however investors must not panic as we must first see if freelancers or users of fiverr in the next earnings for both fiverr and Microsoft

Royal Caribbean, Carnival

royal Caribbean stock plunged as it missed it earnings report as expected with still suspended travel due to the covid the company lost 2.37 billion the company has heavily attempted to cut its monthly cash burn

Carnivals stock rose more than 5% after royal carbeans missed earnings


docusign was the poster child of the stock market in 2020 jumpinf from a 60 to 260 in a mater of months hover now that the government has been orderign 100 and millions of covid vaciness it could signal a down fall to its popularity and instead be looked at as a relic. its no secret the stock has been over valued as even through peak populatiry the conpmany earned less than what zoom and other bought in at around 900 million . howver it is not over for the company as it still has the potential to climb back up just not yet.

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