Still In Stock : Uber , Apple & More


the reason why uber stock has not yet exploded is because uber needs licences to operate in cities around the world which they have recently been getting declined most notabley in great Britain . uber will no doubt be the future of ride sharing and even transport . it’s stock will rise as they soon a set to realise automated drivers cutting the drivers cost


apple has yet to release the updated Imac , their rumoured car and apple glasses which will no doubt boos the stock price , apple stock has recently splits do now is the perfect time to own a full apple share or even multiple no to mention that they even pay dividends


disney is the industry leader in entertainment , Disney has Disney land /world amusement parks . as well as own Pixar studios which they later expanded to its own streaming platform . Amidst the pandemic which has offet the amusement park revenue losses acording to its ceo . the stock is still undervalued considering its growth potential