Stock On Sale : Fiverr , Peloton & More


now that linkden has entered the free lance market it will be interesting to see how fiverr can complete and whether its stock can keep growing the way it did during the pandemic growing 200% and now it has dropped 25% since the pandemic . the good news is that the company is now at cash flow positive and the market cap is still around the pandemic.


During the pandemic gyms were closed not enabaling people to stay fit thorughou the pandemic apple recently realeasing fitness plus subcription service to wor toegether with their apple watch . peloton during the start of the pandemic rose 750% . now that the pandemic seems to be calming down and gyms are opening up it will be interesting to see how the company grows and esxpanded its prodcut range and maybe start reduing the price

Beyond meat

the plant based meat company has now reset of $150 now is the perfect time to buy this stock because this is the most volatile stock and still its early stages as kfc and soon others fast6 food changes cater to the vegan customers

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