Top Shelf : Amazon , Apple & More


it will be interesting to see how amazon moves foward with the absence of jeff bezoz as ceo . with amazon reloading on more carago planes bought for cheap from airliners. they have paitened logistics and moving towards a automated and starting to use drones . amazon is not going any where but up


Apple has not said a word about any new products to realese yet consumers and inverstor remain speculating on the company announcements for the 2021 year the company reports record year in revenue of 114 bllion and it has yet to realease its , with rumours of the apple car and refresh of the iMacs as the companies continues its transition from intel to ther own M1 chips .

as well as new product launches and apple is no stranger to indsutry leading trending as reports of the new iphone not having the a charging port instead the company is set to bring back its long loved mag safe to the iphones. this move was seen to be year in the making for apple into a port-less future begining with the controveral descion to remove the beloves headphone jack . this move to remove the chraging port is for the sake of privacy to prevent the phone from external devices extracting data from the phone , as well as potientially making the phone thinner howver concerns for cahrging times may vary .


tesla in a short amount time has grown 10X its now a industry leader in charging stations around the us and still not released 3 of its flagship vehicles the cyber truck , semi truck and the revolutionary refresh of the roadster as well as elon musk announcing that he is moving tesla cash into bitcoin. the stock has been split and is still $750 and they still havent properly released the tesla solar roof . however just like the shorting saga seen from gamestop stock people are beginning to short the stock

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