Up next : Target , Autozone & More


target was one of The many winners in the pandemic , with retail stores getting wiped out left and right targets stock has been rising , we will find out in the earnings reports how the rebuild of the same store sales and whether or not the stock is overvalued


the global suppler of of auto parts we worry that soon this stock could be selling off due to the ubiquity of ev and cheaper cars as well as Tesla and other auto brands making it easier for people to get their cars with affordable car financing as well as in house servicing and it being more cheaper and reliable


Gap along with other clothing retailer was easily considered to be the next in to slowly go bankrupt however luckily their former employee just happened to be kanye west and he couldn’t let his former employee go out of business as since he announced that he ill be partnering with the brand to bring forward his line of affordable clothing , not to say they went already . he accomplished his goal of everyone who wanted his shows to be able to get them. oversupplying the demand , the stock is certainly one to look out for as it could be the global retailer in affordable clothing with Kanyes influence as a fashion mogul


Costco business model is what offsets them from the competition , with reassuring payers was the revenue form the sales , cost has the poptential to be the global leader in groceries as more people get more from less

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