Up Next : Airbnb , Salesforce & More

Air BnB

we will finally get to see the financial insight of the stock markets late bloomer , having finally having its IPO and immediately becoming the most traded stocks and quickly gaining a market cap of 120 Billion and is a industry leader in less then a decade , however with Covid having taken over the travel industry by storm it will be interesting to see how much the company lost during the pandemic.

Sales Force

with its recent aqusiton of slack platform to further develop its business eco system and take market share away from microsoft it will be interesting to see what the earnings show and if the aquistion of slack only puches the company further improves the company and its stock price

The Home Depot

During a time where retail stores began getting wipped out the hhome sepo stock only got sttonger through out 2020 growing 100% in value in its recentn earning its recnt q3 earnigns it reported sales increase of 23.3% from the third quarter if 2019. howver since the intial spike in the it has began to sell off we estimate a sales increase of 10%


after its record revenue of $4.75 billion from its q3 earnings and the hyped gt80 gaming cards selling for near double in the secondary market

we wait to see what the earnings report shows as during the quarter NVIDIA has now began to sell its own pcs and laptops as well as developing new genration of autmoated tedch for autoamted driving for NIO


Square was one of the first companies to start buying into Bitcoin, square has completely sky rocketed in 2020 , it has added a stock brokerage platform into its cash app platform which could rival Robinhood , square has the potiential to be the next $1000 stock.

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