yum acquires dragon tail systems

  • could they looking to extent to a revolutionary delivery system
  • what does this mean for uber eats and all the food delivery companies
  • they are the disney plus of food due to their chain of restraunts
  • what does this mean for the stock
  • how does this affect the earnings
  • comination ordering? combination deals?
  • more about dragon tail systems
  • they get a wider control of the delivery netword


dragon tail has a unique infastaure that it ensures quality control to the consumer with its new a ai technology

a new approach that favors the drivers as they call it free lance drivers which will boost productivity during peaks keeps delivery related labour cost at a minimum as they are not working at fixed amd getting paid higer via commision. the drivers are essentialy contractors and are oeprating at the radius of the store to maximise effiecnty

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